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3 Guitar Tuition Hacks You Never Knew

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Whether starting out learning guitar or being a master of playing, there are a few key hacks and tips that can radically enhance your playing.

Here’s the top 3 hacks for learning guitar better that you don’t want to miss!

  1. PRACTICE makes perfect! Sounds obvious right?! But in a time poor society, practice is often sacrificed for other ways to relax. Re-write the rule book – step away from Netflix and get out your guitar! 30 minutes three times a week is enough to consolidate your memory of chord shapes and toughen up those fingers!

2. STOP WATCHING YOUR HANDS! Stare forwards and feel it out, getting as near to the frets as you can to help the sound of the strings ring and be crisp!

3. Find 3 CHORD SONGS to play. There are LOADS to choose from (you’d be surprised) such as legendary ‘Bad moon rising’ by Neil Young, ‘Sweet Caroline’ by Neil Diamond, ‘3 nights at the motel’ by Dominic Fike has 4 but it’s straight forwards, ‘Do I wanna know?’ by the Arctic Monkeys and pretty much anything by Bob Dylan, and play them as full pieces. It will bring on your confidence playing a full song and make you feel great. Circle any bit that’s challenging however, highlight it, and practice that particular bit over and over during an advert break or five minute session to break it up and nail it. Go wow them!

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