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Danny, I had to email you to let you know that for the first time in ages, Samuel has really started to come back out of his shell. I’m pretty sure you’ve picked up some of your wife’s therapy skills because he’s just not as anxious anymore and always seems so inspired by his guitar and his music after seeing you! I just wanted to say I think you’re doing a wonderful job, and I know my son is so happy since being taught guitar by you, so thank you! Keep up the good work!! My confident little boy is returning!

– Jackie

I was unsure about whether to have lessons or just try and learn online, but after a few months of learning stuff off the internet, a friend of mine pointed out that I was picking incorrectly. I went to see Danny just to see if it could be something worth trying for my development and I’m glad I did. I didn’t even get chance to tell him before he asked me to play something and immediately spotted it. He also gave me some tips and techniques on playing chords that was truly valuable.

I am happy to say I’ve had several sessions with Danny since and my playing has received a lot of compliments from family and friends – my confidence playing also has certainly gone up. I’d recommend Danny whole heartedly as money well spent because he reads the music and definitely knows his stuff and like I say has helped my playing tremendously in a fairly short space of time.

– John

My name is Sophia and I am 8 years old. Danny is nice and teaches me guitar after school as well as my older brother. I can play Ed Sheeran. I can also now sing and play songs. Danny has helped me to pick a guitar that I like, strum the guitar, play chords and sing. I practiced a song for my mum and when I sang it to her as a surprise she cried because it was good.

– Sophia

Danny has been a great guitar teacher and has provided everything I was looking for. Due to being a university student in Manchester but living in Sheffield in the holidays, I wanted a teacher who was flexible and could also teach around my holiday job which had varying shift patterns.

Danny has always been flexible, offering other times to our usual arranged lesson time when I’m unavailable and has provided me with plenty of guitar exercises to keep me busy and learning while in Manchester during term time.

As a beginner, lessons are fun and engaging, focusing on music I am currently listening to with added input from Danny relating to technique, extra exercises and theory. It is ensured that I am learning guitar in a way that makes it enjoyable for me.

I’d fully recommend Danny to anyone thinking of picking up guitar!

– Sam

Learning to play the guitar is an absolute pleasure thanks to Danny. I started as a complete beginner in playing the guitar 12 months ago and now I can play all my favourite songs with confidence and ease thanks to Danny’s expert tuition.

He’s able to simplify anything and everything to anyone’s ability. His laid back and friendly manner make every lesson a pleasure and I look forward to my lesson every week without fail. I class Danny as a very good friend now and would highly recommend learning to play the guitar with Danny to anyone and everyone.

Danny’s knowledge and experience is just something money cannot buy! Every week I choose a different song I would like to learn to play and within 2 minutes of Danny listening to it he has the ability to determine what chords are being used and what the strumming or picking pattern is.

I cannot recommend Danny highly enough and I wish I had known him years ago.

– Tom

With a true love for the instrument and endless bounds of experience, Danny proves an inspirational teacher, his enthusiasm overreaching to in turn motivate the student. He has an ability to support and focus on your interests and explore them, whilst simultaneously extending the breadth of your tastes and introducing you to new styles of playing. If you display a strength, he will cultivate it, if you have a weakness in a particular area, he will focus on it just as strongly, until real progression is shown. All this, combined with his likeability and an approachable nature, make the lessons a genuinely enjoyable experience, to the extent you barely notice the huge amount of knowledge you are actually picking up, and the amount you are learning.

– Adam (Songwriter/music student)

Danny has been a great help with my guitar skills. He has taken me right from the first steps to being able to play and enjoy tunes. He focuses on enjoying the music and on what sounds good. He also has a way of making complicated music theory seem understandable and very useful. His passion for the guitar shines through and makes for a fun, high energy session, with an hour often seeming to disappear in minutes.

– Tim

I started lessons with Danny about 18 months ago and was a complete beginner. Since then, I have started to learn Grade 2 pieces and play chords to some of my favourite songs. Danny has helped me with music theory as I also play the flute. He has encouraged me to sing. At Christmas, we recorded some carols on guitar and flute. The lessons are fun and relaxed and I am grateful to have such a good teacher.

– Claire

Probably the best teacher in the world. Danny makes learning to play guitar a really pleasurable experience with no pressure and a really relaxed atmosphere. Having played both electric and acoustic within the last 4 years I’ve played many styles under Danny’s guidance and every style has been well supported and thoroughly enjoyable. Confidence was always in issue but this is something that Danny has instilled in me and others through his fantastic teaching style. After finally adapting a country music preference Danny has given me a lot of guidance and even embarked on teaching me to sing and building up my confidence in my playing and singing.

If you’re looking for a guitar teacher, look no further than Danny. Every lesson is brilliant and enjoyable.

– Steve

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