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Most of my pupils between them enjoy learning a variety of styles in guitar lessons and sessions, including jazz, Spanish guitar, swing, rock music, chart, folk and classical guitar- anything they would like to learn really.

Others simply share digital music, or a spotify link and say “how can I play this?”, or bring along a CD of something they’d like to learn. We can work it out, learning how to play guitar, be it advanced picking techniques, chord strumming or more varied sounds. My teaching style is about boosting your confidence in your playing, getting the technique right and working in partnership to play around with the sounds you like and design some exercises to support the learning.

Depending on the teaching style you most enjoy and what you’d like to learn, I will assess your level of skill and experience, the techniques you will need to work on to be the best technical player and the best player with ‘feel’ possible! No filler content, just heading straight for better playing. Some pupils take rock grades on guitar, precisely play advanced classical pieces and attain qualifications in all eight grades, learn how to read music or learn how to sing and perform confidently and professionally. Whatever your personal goals are around guitar, I’m here to help!

I teach in a fully equipped music room in my home, my wife runs Hypnotherapy in Sheffield in the same place, so the whole place is open, airy, relaxed and unintimidating and you can even book in a relaxing session afterwards if you want to destress! I have individual amps and guitars for use if you don’t have access to a guitar. Just mention this if you want support with this.

Hundreds of my pupils have received merits and distinctions over the years, enjoying playing regularly and some even playing professionally for good money. Why not you too?

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