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I’ve been working as a professional guitarist since I was about 18 years old, where coming from a musical family, I was given a great opportunity to train up with some top players.

After a few years of getting experience, I started to teach others guitar and how to learn the basics. As my experience of performing grew, my guitar teaching also became varied and popular. People started to seek me out a bit more. I became qualified and registered as a guitar tutor through the registered guitar tutors guild.

I achieved a distinction in the grade 8 diploma on guitar and started to teach in Sheffield schools and Derbyshire schools as a guitar & music tutor and outside of schools as a private one to one guitar tutor. Helping people to love playing guitar has become something that gives me loads of satisfaction and joy Monday to Thursday!

I have many students who have gone on to be very public and great players, and many super kind & positive references from people who I’ve tutored over the years. Please see my testimonials page for the most recent e-mailed in reviews.

I love walking out in the peak district, I really enjoy working (which not many people have the priviledge to say) and I am very relaxed and have a good sense of humour!


Feel free to contact me to have a chat about your ideas and requirements on 07932 040235 or alternatively, email me at . Thanks for looking!

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