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Receiving the best expert guitar tuition by a successful musician and teacher is an investment in a person, even guitar teachers themselves know how much this matters, and many access Danny’s tutoring & mentoring at Guitar Tuition Sheffield to support their techniques & teachings. We pride ourselves on expert tuition at affordable competitive prices no matter who you are or how much you earn (see below!)

For the same cost to you, Guitar Tuition Sheffield offers you real performance coaching, advanced guitar techniques and coaching instead of basic, one-size-fits-all guitar lesson packages. The one to one tailored sessions meet YOUR goals and needs NOT the tutor’s, and provide a fun, laid back approach to really enjoying the guitar.

Pay the same hourly rate, get the best unique expert approach. Guitar Tuition Sheffield – Best Practice, Best Play!


Guitar Tuition Prices

30 minutes

Adequate time for those who want to learn guitar


1 Hour

For those who want a more advanced opportunity for learning guitar or guidance on their playing and/or are about to sit examinations or perform


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Gift Vouchers / Personalised Presents for Christmas, Eid & Birthdays!

Save a bit of money AND give the best present ever! Show you really care about someone with this wonderful set of private guitar lessons & best quality guitar tuition in Sheffield through a thoughtful gift voucher!

Give them a real surprise & the best head start with guitar possible… with this high quality & fun series of tuition sessions you will be truly thanked! A unique gift voucher for guitar lessons in Sheffield – it’s an ideal present for birthdays, Christmas, Eid… or simply because you love them! It’s the gift that keeps on giving learning an instrument and allows your loved one to enjoy a lifelong pleasure of music.

Call Danny NOW for guitar lessons or gift vouchers! Gift vouchers can be emailed (and printed) instantly. We got you! 😉

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