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Ok, so you need to learn guitar within 24 hours. You either wanna wow someone, upgrade your vibes, challenge yourself or win a bet. Here’s how to play guitar within 24 hours. Well, kind of.

1. Get hold of a guitar.

2. Hold it *slightly* upright. It gives your fingers more freedom on the frets which improves your chances of playing better. That’s right, the long part is called a fret board and the lines across (that mark where the tone changes) are known as frets.

3. Strum across the hole of the guitar to resonate the sound. Not the whole of the guitar.

4. Learn the strings to press for the chords G & C. These are your two basic chords used in most songs. Then hop over to here to choose an easy 3 chord trick song. These are some of the most popular and difficult sounding, yet curiously easy songs to play.

5. Practice it until your fingers are pulpy and ruined. Only joking. Practice it, walk away for a bit. Go back and practice again until you’ve got it. It will be stilted, sound muffly and feel slow swapping from one chord to another at first. Press on hardish and move as near to the frets as possible if it’s sounding muffled and stunted, this is to help the strings ring properly. Try not to look at your fingers after a while. This will help your fingers memorise the chords, rather than your eyes (they don’t do the playing!). Your finger pads will need to toughen up over a few days to play without any discomfort, so you might need to power through some sensitivity on the ends to pull off being a guitar pro in 24 hours! Good luck!

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