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Guitar Tuition – why it should be a priority

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We’ve all been somewhere when someone picks up a guitar, and plays something so naturally and wonderfully that you instantly wish you could do that. There’s something about playing well that really makes guitar a pleasure. A pleasure to play and a pleasure to listen to.

It pays to come on in leaps and bounds

You want to look and sound as confident as that guitarist. Chances are, if you’ve not had tuition, there are some problematic little habits and errors that can impede your playing or knock your confidence in yourself to play like that. If you’re new to learning guitar you want to get the basics right from the beginning so you can take it all the way and feel confident playing in front of others and sounding excellent. If you’ve been playing guitar a while it’s even more important you don’t stagnate in your learning, and are pushed and motivated to improve your guitar technique and keep growing your confidence and your playing.

Guitar tuition is about setting aside time for yourself to conquer something that’s for the personal love of it, and enjoy the creativity of the music and the feeling of the music you create for years and years ahead of now.

It’s not just for beginners

Guitar lessons are not just for beginners, on the contrary, guitar lessons help you express yourself creatively, and are about being encouraged and motivated to take your playing further and celebrate how far you have already come.

Tightening up technique and developing your style as well can be so beneficial. If you’ve always played electric, imagine finger picking more and how advanced your play would get from that additional new perspective. If you’ve played acoustic, imagine how reading music or playing some jazz chords would offer a whole new world of sounds to your soundscape. There really is no end to the journey of playing music. Embrace your progression!

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